Alexander you are one!

My dearest little pumpkin

Happy first birthday. You have become such a sweet and charming toddler we cant imagine life without you! Despite still waking a couple of times a night for milk, and resolutely refusing to sleep in your cot (yep , at 1 year old youre still co-sleeping with Mama).

You understand so much! We can tell you to look under something or find a specific thing, and mostly you know what we are talking about. Lie down, jump, clap, moce, wave, cuddle, where is Wati, Nada, Daddy, Mama, and so much more.

You have quite a few words… Im usually greeted with a cheery ‘Hi!’ and you call me mum or mama. Dad is daddy, and Watson is Adi. Nada is ‘Nada or Ada’ and you love her best in the world. When anything goes wrong you shout Nada nada nada to get her to come to you. Oh. And recently you discovered the word no. You violently shake your head and shout  “Doh doh doh!”

You have amazing temper tantrums , mostly when your desires are frustrated. And thats mostly when you want to go outside and can’t. Your persistance is amazing! But we can distract you with food. Because you eat everything. You love food! And youre starting to turn down baby food in preference of big person food- you want to do it all yourself.

You can open the door to the deck – and youre so smart. You watch us do something once and then you can copy us with ease.Unfortunately you can climb really well  – we often catch you sitting on the couch or a table having climbed up. Youre not very good at getting down though. You forget to go backwards sometimes and fall off things.

You love the cats- Berry loves you back, the others not so much. Youve had a couple of scratches from Harry , from giving him just a bit too much love.

You follow Wati wherever he goes. He copes with this mostly, but is still getting used to sharing his things and having a small bossy person wanting whatever he has! You love him dearly and love going into his room and touching his stuff!

You are a fantastic cuddler. And when i ask you ‘cuddle?’ and you come running , its the best thing in the world.IMG_20151020_132117

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And then there were two

Alex arrived much the same way as Watson; a labour that didn’t progress and then a Caesar.
The evening on October 23 rd at about 8 I realised that the odd little cramps I’d been having all day were actually contractions, and they were getting serious. About 10pm we called my dad to come over and imagestay the night to be with Watson, and about 12 I decided that things were moving on quite fast enough and we ought to head off into hospital.
It was then that I discovered that Lakshmi my midwife was already looking after someone on th other side of town,and the backup midwife I had met was also already seeing someone, so, the backup backup, Roz was to see me through.
Contractions were regular and strong and hurting a lot, but on closer inspection I had mot dilated at all, so we started the induction medication to see if that would do the trick. It made my watered break ( just as I had lain down on a fresh bed in a ward to try and get some rest) so I was wheeled back off up to the maternity suite.
The contractions were really painful, and the gas and pethadine weren’t helping, so the epidural went in at about 4am. The baby wasn’t having a good time either. Every time there was a contraction his heart rate would halve, so after an hour or two of worrying with every ping of the monitor ( and one entirely frightening episode where his heart rate shot up so fast that the midwife pressed the emergency buzzer and a crew of nurses sprinted into the room to see what was going on… I had no idea why they were there or what had happened until well after everything was back to normal) I told the midwife I’d like a caesarean asap please. I was wheeled into the theatre about 9 and ate 10.06 Alexander arrived, with the tiniest of cries. And I didn’t get to hold him for about half an hour, as I’d lost about a litre of blood and my blood pressure was so low that I was vomiting. Fortunately that cleared up fairly quickly, and Mos got to have the first cuddle after cutting the cord and all the basic checks were done.
Watson got to come and visit later in the day, and was a bit horrified about the thing that had come out of mummy’s tummy! Lots of kisses and loves eventually. He went to stay at mums farm for three nights, and ththe mum came to stay with us for another three when Alex and I came home.
Alex had no name for the first four days of his life – but finally we agreed on Alexander Eseroma. And it suits him. He is an entirely different baby to Watson. He cries if he’s hungry or windy but that’s in, and he is easy to feed and settle. He sleeps about 2 hours at a stretch during the day, and between two and four at night. He’s big , he was 4.46kgs at birth and now at four weeks is about 6 kgs he is so long he is above the 99 th percentile!
He’s a sweetheart, and we got our first smile a week ago. His brother utterly loves him and proudly shows him off to all the friends at daycare.

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Stuff Watson says (and sleep)

We bought a gro-clock at the baby show in the weekend… and i think it might be the answer to our prayers.

The first night we used it, Watson was really excited because it was new, and he could see the sun turning into the stars, and knew it was night time and time to go to bed. And he DIDNT GET OUT OF BED IN THE NIGHT! 

The next morning he woke at about 5.20 and called out to me, rather than coming into our room.

And so I jumped into his bed with him, and we waited for 6am to come, and the stars to go away and the sun to come out making it time to get up.

So, because he had stayed in bed all night, I bought him the presents he really really wanted – a new digger and some butterfly wings. And after daycare, he spent the whole afternoon wearing the wings and digging to his hearts content.

Last night, the 2nd night we have used it, Watson came in to our room (carrying the new digger) at about 4.30am (I was already awake and Mos was too… there must have been a noise or something outside that woke us all up) so I asked him if the sun was up already. Watson said no, so I took him back into his room and tucked him into bed again, reminding him to stay in bed until the sun was up. There were no complaints or struggles, and he went straight back to sleep …. and woke up again at 6.15 shouting  ‘Mummy the sun has come up’!

Long may this last !

Words at the moment ; his buzzy bee is called buzzle bee (like a bumble bee?) paddocks are still called paggets, balloons are always abloons


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Driving back from Mums farm in the weekend, Watson has just finished an icecream.

Me: Here’s a wet wipe. can you please give your hands and face a quick wipe? They are all sticky with icecream.
W: No I cant. I dont want to. No No no. (etc)
Me: Well, why not? youre all sticky!
W: I cant. Im busy.
Me: What are you busy doing?
W: Im busy looking at trees.

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We (well mostly the daycare staff) have been doing toilet training – and it’s working! During the day Wati only wears nappies for his nap, and he’s getting much better at identifying the need to go and holding on. Not bad for a not quite 2.5 year old.

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This is hard

So I’m 20 weeks pregnant with baby 2.
I’m full of hormones, mos is working 10 hour days so I’m essentially a solo mum, doing the get up- breakfast – wash-clothes-daycare-work -daycare pickup-home-snack-entertain/walk-cook dinner-give Watson his dinner-bath thing on my own every day.I do all the laundry and cleaning at some point during the week too. Mos arrives home during bath time or at story time, muddy and hungry and exhausted. In the weekend evenings he goes to drink kava with his family. I’m too tired to do any thing fun, but it would be nice to be asked!
Work is getting busier, but because of the slow couple of years, I’m behind on taxes. The ird called me this week and said ‘sort it out or we will prosecute you’. So I’m upset and stressed and not sure what to do.

And those are the reasons why I’m crying right now.

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How can you be two!

Its a constant surprise to me that youre suddenly two years old. It really doesnt feel as though all that much time has passed since I was pregnant and couldnt wait for you to arrive.
You delight me every day. Youre kind – and always happy to share whatever you have, no matter how much you want it – loving and cuddly , fearlessly brave and adventurous, and ferociously independent.
I DO IT is a common refrain at the moment.
You love copying your dad – current thing is to have no shirt on as you walk around the house – and absolutely love it when he plays with you. He chases you through the house and you scream with laughter running away and then coming back for more.

I never knew I could love someone this much!

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Things a 2 year old says

1.Playing I Spy in the car
Watson: I spy something beginning with A
Me: is it an apple?
Me: is it the Air?
Watson: NO
Me: is it your arm?
Watson: No
Me: OK I give up. What do you see that begins with A
Watson: A Pumpkin mummy!

2. Chickens
Mummy I can see a duck walking on the road (there were no birds of any kind on the road)
Me:Really? Whats it doing there?
Its just walking.
Mummy I can see a chicken walking on the road!
Me: Wow! Whats it doing?
Its crossing the road!
Me:(taking opportunity to make a joke) Why is the chicken crossing the road Wati?
Because It has a green light, mummy!

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Odd child

Yesterday was really hot, so we got the baby bath and the hose out, and Watsons clothes all came off. After declining to do a wee on the potty, he peed on the couch. Not a good start. The next wee was proudly done outside on the grass fortunately.
He had yoghurt as part of his lunch and I turned around to discover him having a lovely time spooning it into his belly button. When I stopped him he thought he was hilarious and ran away!

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Bedtime, this evening

Watson: someone’s stinky
Claire: really? Who. Is it daddy?
W: no
C: is it mummy?
W: no
C: is it Harry? (One of our cats)
W: no, it’s Berry! (Another of our cats)
Mos: what does she smell of Wattie?
W: Berry smells of poopoo!

Pooh jokes. Funny all your life!

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